Call for Participation 2018


Call for Participation

FIRA RoboWorld Cup 2018


FIRA Frontier Camp 2018

3rd-5th August, 2018 // AI Robotics Hub, Taichung, Taiwan  

FIRA RoboWorld Cup 2018

6th - 12th August, 2018 // Feng Chia University, Taichung, Taiwan

Host: Central Taiwan Science Park Bureau, Ministry of Science and Technology

Organizers: FIRA, AI Robotics Hub

Co-Organizers: Feng Chia University, Taichung City Government

Executive Organizers: Robotics Society of Taiwan,

National Kaohsiung University of Science Technology


Important Dates

31st May 2018

Deadline for submission of qualification material

15th June 2018

Notification to qualified teams

30th June 2018

Deadline for early-bird registration

14th July 2018

Deadline for regular registration


In 1996, the Federation of International Robot Soccer Association (FIRA) organized the first robot soccer and other sports competition. The main goal of FIRA is to promote cutting-edge research into robotics, machine learning, computer vision, and artificial intelligence by using robot sports as benchmark problems. Another goal is to introduce students to teach students critical thinking and problem-solving skills using state of the art technologies and methodologies in the areas mentioned above and to prepare them for their future careers.

Much interesting research has come out of the FIRA community including the first ice skating and skiing intelligent humanoid robots. But just as robot hardware and software has changed dramatically in recent years, robot competitions must evolve to continue to act as important benchmark problem.

In 2017, the FIRA Executive Committee introduced wide-ranging changes under new President Jacky Baltes. The FIRA Executive Committee believes that the new structure is better suited to support cutting-edge research and education while at the same time provide exciting competitions.

  1. FIRA Sports - autonomous robots competing in the sport and similar events,

  2. FIRA Youth - a new division for elementary, junior and high school students,

  3. FIRA Challenge - more complex events such as search and rescue that can often only be solved with teleoperation, and

  4. FIRA Air - a new competition for autonomous drones.

FIRA RoboWorld Cup 2018 introduces the following changes:


  1. A new challenge for swarm robots

  2. A New league for wheeled robots

  3. A drone simulation league


  1. A new league for wheeled sports robots


Teams that are interested in participating must submit their qualification material before the deadline. The qualification procedure is dependent on the division and league. Please contact the chairs and co-chairs of the event if you have any further questions.

FIRA Sports, FIRA Challenge, and FIRA Air

The qualification consists of two parts: (1) A max. 5 min long video showing the performance of your robot in the various sports events, and (2) a research paper (max. 12 pages in Springer LNCS format).


Videos must be uploaded to a publicly accessible video sharing site such as youtube or Vimeo. Post a link to the FIRA official registration website, available in

Team description paper (TDP)

All teams from this year should submit a team description paper (TDP).  The TDP is limited to 4 pages maximum and must be submitted in PDF format. This report fully describes the scientific aspects of your robot system and your research interests includes a summary of previous relevant achievements in research and development as well as publications and mentions prior performance in FIRA competitions.

The TDP must follow the LNCS format which can be downloaded from . Please pay special attention to the “Author guidelines” that you’ll be able to find there. Teams that do to follow the LNCS formatting and style guidelines will not be qualified.

Research Paper

The Easychair website for submission is .  Note that there is no additional fee for teams submitting a paper to FIRA 2018.

FIRA Youth

Teams that are represented by a FIRA Chapter must qualify and register via their FIRA Chapter.

Teams that do not yet have a chapter may contact FIRA HQ directly for qualification. In this case, they should submit a two-page write-up in English describing their previous experience in robotics and their motivation for joining the FIRA competition.

In addition, participants that would like to take part in the United Nations Mission must submit a two-page write-up in English describing their previous experience in robotics and their motivation for joining the United Nations Mission.


International Events

Recent News

Welcome to the Federation of International Robot-Sport Association

Robot soccer can be portrayed as a competition of advanced robot technology within a confined space. It offers a challenging arena to the young generation and researchers working with autonomous mobile robotic systems. It is hoped that FIRA’s flagship event, called the FIRA Robot World Cup (or the FIRA Cup in short), which started in 1996, together with many other FIRA events, will help generate interests in robotics in the young minds.

Through these events, FIRA hopes to help them better understand and appreciate, with interests, the scientific concepts and technological developments involved. FIRA believes that some of these interests will fuel scientific and engineering skills that ultimately develop into research outcomes to serve mankind in a variety of ways.

Ever since its establishment, FIRA has had venues for its annual FIRA Cup in Australia, Brazil, China, France and Korea. Making progress over successive years since 1996, FIRA Cup has now attained world recognition as a robot festival.


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