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HuroCup Junior

As a benchmark problem, the goal of the HuroCup league is to develop humanoid robots that can perform several tasks in complex environments.


The goal of the HuroCup league is to encourage research in practical, autonomous, highly mobile, flexible, and versatile robotic platforms. Intended applications for these robots are, among others, search and rescue robots, healthcare robots, intelligent household helper robots, etc.


The HuroCup Junior competition emphasizes the development of flexible, robust, and versatile robots that can perform many different tasks in different domains.  HuroCup encourages research into the many areas of humanoid robotics, especially walking and balancing complex motion planning, and human-robot interaction. In addition to the single events (e.g., archery, sprint, marathon, United soccer, obstacle run, long jump, spartan race, marathon, weightlifting, and basketball), there is an all-round competition for the single robot that performs best overall events.


League General Chair: 

Meng Cheng Lau, University of Manitoba, Canada.

League General Co-Chair: 

Karla Camarillo, Instituto Tecnologico Celaya, Mexico.


You can find the Hurocup General Laws of the Game in the following link.

You can find the Hurocup Organization Laws of The Game in the following link.

You can find the Hurocup All-Round Laws of The Game in the following link.

You can find the Hurocup Penalty Kick Laws of the Game in the following link.

You can find the Hurocup Sprint Laws of the Game in the following link.

You can find the Hurocup Marathon Laws of the Game in the following link.

You can find the Hurocup Weightlifting Laws of the Game in the following link.





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