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DRC Explorer (U19), “FIRA Youth Modular Robot Disaster Relief Challenge”


The main focus of the FIRA Youth DRC Explorer competition is on developing autonomous robots to be able to pass from the ruins, find the packages and bring them to the trapped people in the building.


An earthquake has happened and people have been trapped in a building. There are some wounded among these people who need immediate help. Also, there are some that have not been physically harmed and they just need food to be alive. Their location and physical condition are detected, but it is not possible to send the human rescue team for helping them. There is a room in this building as pharmacy and there are some aid packages and food packages in that place. A robot is required to be able to pass from the ruins, find the packages and bring them to the trapped people in the building.



League General Chair:

Hossein Mahdipour, Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Iran.



Youth General

You can find the Youth General Laws of the Game in the following link

Youth DRC-Explorer Rules

You can find the DRC-Explorer Laws of the Game in the following link.



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