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Mission Impossible

Mission Impossible (U19/U14)

The main goal of the mission impossible event is to provide a competition emphasizing creativity, imagination, and on the spot problem-solving skills. Teams are allowed to use a limited set of materials to construct and program a robot to solve a particular problem, such as overcoming a wall or collecting treasures on a playing field.


The goal of this competition is to provide an event that requires students to use their imagination and creativity to solve various problems using commonly available items such as popsicles and rubber bands and simple tools such as scissors and hammers. The students are not allowed to use any other items or tools. This levels the playing field since teams with more expensive hardware do not have an automatic advantage. The game is inspired by the exploits of MacGyver (a popular American TV series in the 80s) and the Junkyard Wars reality TV shows.



League General Chair:

Jacky Baltes, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan.



Youth General

You can find the Youth General Laws of the Game in the following link

Youth Mission Impossible Rules

You can find the Mission Impossible Laws of the Game in the following link.



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