FIRA Frontier Camp (FFC) 2023

Call for participation

14th – 16th July 2023, Wolfenbüttel, Germany

The FIRA Frontiers Camp (FFC), to be held just prior to the FIRA RoboWorld Cup, provides a unique opportunity to learn the fundamentals of robotics. The focus is on basic problem-solving strategies, system development, testing, and debugging. This year, our FIRA Frontiers students will learn physics, coding, controlling, and software design in the domain of autonomous drones. It also teaches students how to apply their robotics skills in other subjects such as physics and biology. 

It must be stressed that the goal of the school is not to directly improve the chances of winning the following FIRA competitions. In fact, the lecturers and coaches will not be directly involved in the following FIRA competition as much as possible and will be told not to provide tricks and hints for the coming competition. 

 The FIRA Frontiers Camp is agnostic to the specific robot development kit and uses open-source software and hardware as much as possible. 

Each participant must submit their own qualification material in English. Please provide a 1 – 2 page description of your previous experience, your current robot system and development environment, and your interest in robotics.  In addition, participant personal data, such as name, school, address, phone, email, etc, is also included.


Submit your material as a pdf file to the Christine Kim ([email protected])


Registration Fees

 Deadline for submission of qualification material


Important Deadline & Registration Fees

The following fees include registration fee, tuition costs, teaching materials. 

  • Deadline for submission of qualification material: (18th May 2023) 

  • Notification to qualified teams: (25th May 2023)

  • Early bird registration ($250 USD per person): (30th June 2023) 

  • Regular registration ($350 USD per person): (14st July 2023) 



Venue : 

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