Research on mobile robot platforms is receiving an increasing share of attention, especially in the area of household domestic appliances. The problems and challenges facing the development of these platforms are many, varied and often significantly different from the problems faced in both the smaller sized and humanoid leagues.

Compared to the smaller sized leagues, these robots are fully autonomous and this brings many challenges in the areas of hardware design, communication, co-operation, intelligence, and sense. While in comparison to the humanoid leagues, they have the flexibility to employ non-human like sensing and motion systems. This creates a much faster platform and this alone brings challenges in sensing, locating, and planning to the fore. It is our goal that the RoboSot competition will be a dynamic competition that continually shifts its goalposts from year to year to meet the problems and challenges that arise in this field. We also hope that competing teams will also find the challenges along this path both interesting and rewarding.


RoboSot Soccer Competition

The RoboSot Soccer Competition will consist of a series of challenges as well as the traditional soccer competition. All teams are expected to participate in the challenge competition. Teams not participating in the tournament are welcome to participate in the challenge competition. The winner of the challenge competition will be awarded a prize for technical achievements. For each category, an award will be presented to the winning team.
  • RoboSot Soccer Competition
  • Localization Challenge
  • Avoidance Challenge
  • Passing Challenge

RoboSot Soccer Rules

RoboSot Race Competition

RoboSot Race is a small-sized soccer robot competition for wheeled platform. After the game starts, the robot must search for the color ball in the field and push the ball into the corresponding color area to get the score. The champion is who got the highest sum of the score. There are development group and application group in the competition. The development group needs to design the robot by itself. The application group uses the TurtleBot 3 Burger manufactured by ROBOTIS company to compete.

RoboSot Race Rules