FIRA World Summit 2023

FIRA 2023 World Summit

Call for paper

The FIRA World Summit 2023 will be held in conjunction with the FIRA Robot World Cup, from 17th to 21st of July 2023. The purposes of organizing FIRA RoboWorldCup and Summit are to share many ideas and research results in AI and robotics areas. The FIRA Summit is soliciting novel research results on advanced robotics, intelligent systems, and building successful simulations for robots and systems.

The organizing committee of the FIRA 2023 World Summit is preparing to hold this year’s conference, as a hybrid event.

We call for submissions of short papers, reporting innovative, original research with relevance to areas of intelligent robotics and artificial intelligence. A detailed list of topics is given below. Within the described scope of topics we also encourage submissions of high-quality overview short articles, papers describing the real-world. We invite researchers to submit their work independently of whether they participate in the FIRA competitions or have a FIRA team.


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