Autonomous Cars Simulation (U19/Pro)


Autonomous cars are one of the most interesting topics in the world. And developing them can be challenging in both hardware and software. The goal of FIRA Autonomous Cars Race Challenge is to encourage researchers designing and implementing an autonomous car and finally build this long-lived human imagination.

In the physical competition, teams need to build and implement a fully autonomous RC-car sized electric car that can drive on the specified tracks.

There will be two main tracks which the car should drive in:

  • Race Track
  • Urban Track

Competition structure

The competition consists of two preliminary and final stages, and according to the scores obtained in the preliminary stage, some teams will advance to the final stage. The scores obtained in the preliminary stage will be eliminated by entering to the final stage, and the teams that are selected, will enter the final stage with zero scores.

The Car will start from the starting line and must pass the checkpoints to the end of the track. More checkpoint passed in a shorter period of time, the greater the score will be.


The competition uses a simulation software called “AVIS Engine” which relies on ROS and Gazebo, the teams do not get involved with the simulation problems. Rather the only challenge is to implement an algorithm for the simulated car to drive on the road.


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