FIRA SimulCup 2022 Call for Participation

FIRA SimulCup 2022


Many places in the world are still under various COVID-related restrictions. Therefore, it is impossible for many of our participants to travel internationally. Therefore, FIRA 2022 will be organized as a SimulCup, that is, real robot events will be organized and judged simultaneously in several hubs world-wide.

Important Dates

5th July 2022

Submissions of papers to FIRA Summit

Deadline for regular registration for FIRA SimulCup

15th July 2022 Deadline for late registration for FIRA SimulCup and FIRA Summit
18th August 2022, 10:00 am (TW) Opening Ceremony join live or online on discord
23rd August 2022, 10:00 am (TW) Closing Ceremony: join live or online on discord

Hub Venues & Contact information

The FIRA SimulCup will host several larger local events around the world because of the difficulties of international travel at the moment.

Hub Venues


The FIRA RoboWorld Cup 2022 SimulCup includes the following competitions:

FIRA Youth

FIRA 2022 World Summit

The FIRA World Summit will be held in conjunction with FIRA Robot World SimulCup, from 26th to 30th August, 2022. The purposes of organizing FIRA RoboWorld Cup and Summit are to share many ideas and research results in AI and robotics areas. The FIRA Summit is soliciting novel research results on advanced robotics, intelligent systems, and building successful simulations for robots and systems.

Best Student Paper Award

FIRA Summit will award one best student paper award to the paper with a student as first author and that was presented by a student during the summit. The award will be judged by a jury whose members were selected from the FIRA community.
FIRA Summit will be an online conference hosted on the official FIRA Discord channel.


Papers submitted should be written in English and at least two pages in single-column formats. All papers will be peer-reviewed, and evaluated by members of the senior FIRA Summit program committee.

Papers should be formatted following the LNAI author guidelines ( and must be electronically submitted through the EasyChair electronic submission system (

Selected papers will be recommended to be submitted to the Special Issue of the Knowledge Engineering Review, indexed in Science Citation Index (SCI) of Web of Science.

Program Chairs and Co-Chair

  • Prof. Soroush Sadeghnejad, [email protected], Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Chair

Dr. Cheng Memorial Scholarship

The FIRA headquarter will award two scholarships ($500 travel support for FIRA 2023) for the one male and one female student participating in FIRA 2022. The scholarships are in memory of Dr. Chi Tai Cheng, a very active and influential member of the FIRA community who sadly passed away from cancer in 2015.

The applications for the scholarship must be submitted by the team leaders. Each team leader is allowed to nominate one male and one female student from their team for this award. The students must prepare a 2 – 3-page application showing their technical skills, awareness of social issues, leadership potential, and extracurricular activities. The report also must clearly indicate their name, team name and their previous involvement in robotics and the FIRA competitions. The deadline for submission is the end of the second day of every year’s FIRA Robot World Cup competition. The application should be submitted via email to <[email protected]>.

FIRA Band and Closing Ceremony

Unfortunately, the current COVID pandemic makes it impossible for many of us to meet our FIRA friends. And we all miss the great performances of our FIRA participants during previous FIRA band events.

To give you a chance to have some fun together and to blow off some steam, FIRA SimulCup 2021 will also organize a virtual FIRA farewell party and band event. If you want to showcase your or your team’s singing, dancing, comedy or other artistic talents, then send a video (max duration 3 min) to the FIRA Band Chair Meng Cheng Lau ([email protected]).


All dates and times are in Taiwan time (GMT +8).
Opening Ceremony: 13rd August 2022, 10:00am Taiwan Time
Closing Ceremony: 18th August 2022, 10:00am Taiwan Time
Time zone reminders:

GMT Taiwan
Iran (GMT+4:30) Canada
04:00 12:00pm 08:30 23:00 01:00 13:00


The fees for registration of teams (1 coach and 4 team members) and/or additional members are shown below.

Category Regular registration fee
by 15th November
registration fee
by 22nd November
Additional member Condition
Challenge/ Air
650 850 150 1 coach/ 4 members
Youth 160 250 up to 2 games
Youth coach 100 200
Additional FIRA Summit participant 150 170 Included for team members

that all team members with regular team registration will automatically be registered for the FIRA summit and no extra registration fee needs to be paid for presenting a paper at the FIRA Summit.

Participants can register via the following URL:

Registration Link

More information on


FIRA HQ Executive Secretary: Christine Kim [email protected]/ +82-10-5208-4354
FIRA World Summit Chair: Prof. Soroush Sadeghnejad [email protected]

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