Visions and Missions

Visions and Missions


FIRA (Federation of International Robot Sports Association) is a non-profit organization that creates the potential grounds for the empowered young generation and thinkers of modern robotics (i.e.; autonomous mobile robots) and artificial intelligence to recognize the most important needs of different sections of society, including industry, for a better future. This federation meets these needs with the help of the smartization science and robotics, and with the involvement of key beneficiaries. In other words, FIRA is the most important central place of integrating and identifying community consumption needs and existing scientific and productive capabilities in the industry, agriculture, living environment, and services. This organization is simultaneously responsible for meeting these needs and recognizing its beneficiaries and elites, along with holding the responsibilities of developing and strengthening the foundations of this new science, so that it can serve the better life and peace of mankind.


The vision of FIRA is to take the spirit of robotic science and technology, mechatronics and artificial intelligence to the younger generation, by identifying, expanding and directing potential and talented people in robotics and artificial intelligence, and by emphasizing on meeting the important and practical needs in the community and the problems that exist in member countries with the use of their creative and elite network in this domain and the development of a technology-based economy by 2050.


FIRA’s mission is to develop and expand global communications for all the beneficiaries, including empowered human resources, global production and service related chains, expert consultants, trade associations and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), the consumer community and other relevant institutions while providing conducive grounds for advancing technology and potential growth and promoting innovation in the various areas of robotics, mechatronics, and artificial intelligence, with directed guidance of resources, such as capital, hardware, software, and manpower in order to exploit knowledge as much as possible for the better life of today’s society.