Innovation and Business


Nowadays, many robotics researchers and inventors are developing a project with a particular purpose, beyond the objectives of the existing FIRA leagues. This new league is a place for demonstration of innovation and creativity in robotics, artificial intelligence, automation, and its related fields. Participants in this league not only compete with the other teams but also they have a chance to show their development and design to the investors and industry executives, medium and professional professors in the exhibition venue.

Business model and commercialization potential of the ideas are the base objectives of this league. All entering teams should have a think of a business model for their projects. They are encouraged to have a plan for selling the production of their projects in a professional environment with professional visitors. This rule is assumed for both Professional and Youth participants. Through this project, students can learn to look into problems around us and find the solution with their robotics skills both hardware and software and apply to see what will happen if they really try to sell it in the real market. This will provide students how startup companies start their work.